Drunken Boxing 2

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Drunken Boxing 2

If you are a fan of boxing, you should not miss the game Drunken Boxing 2. This is the thrilling sequel to the Drunken Boxing game series.

The game will directly take you into intense boxing matches that will help you enjoy the tough duel between two alcoholic boxers. Try to control the drunken fighters and deliver quick blows to your opponents, but pay attention to your energy bar! If you run out of energy, it will take some time to recover. Take advantage of the full energy bar to quickly launch great moves and decisive blows to defeat fighters in the ring. Prove that you are the strongest fighter, and no one can defeat you. Games are a very suitable way to relieve stress in life. Enjoy this game now. Have fun!

How To Play

Player 1: Use the arrow keys to control

Player 2: Use WASD keys to control the boxers competing in the ring.

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