Paper Fighter 3D

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Paper Fighter 3D

Paper Fighter 3D is an exciting two-player boxing sports game in which you will use your kicking and punching skills to take down your opponents. You will participate in the most intense and fierce boxing match ever. Each match consists of 3 rounds and whoever wins in 2 rounds will win. Use your punches and kicks at the right time; Special attacks will be available when your energy bar is full. Take advantage of the opportunity to launch special attacks to defeat your opponents. The game has two game modes: one player and two players. You can choose a suitable mode for yourself. You can absolutely invite your friends to compete together in fierce boxing matches. Now put on your gloves and get ready to compete. Prove you are a legend in boxing. Good luck

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How To Play

Player 1: 

Use the A and D keys to move left and right.
Press the W key to jump
Press F to punch.
Press G to kick.
Press R for special

Player 2:

Use the left and right arrow keys to move.
Press the up arrow key to jump.
Press K to punch.
Press L to kick.
Press O for Special.