Dunk Up Basketball

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Dunk Up Basketball

Are you ready to become a basketball star in Dunk Up Basketball? Join the game now and challenge yourself to become the ultimate basketball champion.

This is an extremely exciting game of shooting basketballs in a row and moving up the level to test your skills and timing by shooting the ball into the basket and accumulating points to prove your basketball prowess. Your goal is to try to put the ball into the basket consecutively after each successful shot. The game is not difficult, but it requires concentration and patience. You need to concentrate and aim at the correct angle to successfully shoot the ball into the basket. After each successful throw, you will score one point. Try to accumulate the highest score possible. Observe the dotted-line trajectory and shoot the basketball successfully. Good luck!

How To Play

Hold down the left mouse button and drag until you determine the correct trajectory of the ball, then release the mouse to shoot the ball into the basket.

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