Basketball Shooter

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Basketball Shooter

Basketball Shooter is an exciting, multiplayer basketball game that lets you play as professional basketball players against strong opponents.

With extremely simple but very addictive gameplay based on realistic physics to put the ball into the basket. You will join a team of 5 people playing on the field alternating with opponents. Both teams will be distinguished by the opponent's shirt color. Each standing position of each member of the team will correspond to a certain number of points. The score will be displayed directly below where the player stands. Any player who successfully throws the ball into the basket will receive points corresponding to your standing position. So try to aim accurately to get the ball into the basket as quickly as possible before your opponent. Each match will take place within a specified time. So score as many goals before time runs out, your team will have a chance to win. Good luck!


How To Play

Hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse to aim, then release the mouse to shoot the ball into the basket. For each successful throw you will receive a number of points corresponding to the position where the player stands.

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