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Foosball is an extremely interesting indoor soccer game, taking players into nerve-wracking matches on an artificial playing field.

The game has two player modes: one player and two players. You can choose one of two modes to participate in the match.

In one-player mode, you will compete with a robot. You will choose one of two shirt colors: red and blue. If you choose blue, your opponent will be red, and vice versa. Your goal is to try to score five goals into the opponent's net first, then you will win, and vice versa.

With 2-player mode, the method and goals in the match are the same, but this time you will compete with actual players in the game. Both will participate in the competition and decide the winner. This mode is very suitable for playing with friends.

Don't hesitate to join the game and defeat your opponents today. Wish you have fun!

How To Play

Use the W and S keys to move up and down.

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