Football Kick 3D

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Football Kick 3D

Football Kick 3D is an attractive football game where you can compete with strong teams to bring about a glorious victory for your team. At the start of the game, your team will have a blue shirt, and your opponent will have a different shirt color than you. Your goal is to steal the ball from the opponent's side, move around the field to position in front of the opponent's goal and shoot on goal for your team. Each match will last for 40 seconds, the team that scores more goals than that team will win. Your opponent will also try to steal the ball from you. Try your best to keep the ball and win back the ball that the opponent steals before the opponent scores, or you will lose. What are you waiting for? Choose your favorite team and take it to the final. good luck.

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How To Play

Hold down and move the left mouse button to control the team in the game.