Football Soccer Strike

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Football Soccer Strike

Football Soccer Strike is a cartoon-style soccer game that challenges players through several different, fast-paced game modes.

Get ready to become the team's great striker today. In this game, you will participate in a soccer match in the form of an 11-meter penalty kick. You will take turns kicking the ball into the goalkeeper's net. Your goal is to try to score as many goals as possible before time runs out. With each turn, you will be limited by a running time bar in the bottom corner of the screen. When the time bar runs from green to red, it means time is passing, and you must quickly score before the time ends. With each successful kick, you will move to the next level. The game has many different levels. The difficulty of the game will gradually increase with each level.

Defeat the goalkeeper and the players who stand in your way. Take your team to win the championship cup. Prove to everyone your top free-kick shooting skills. Good luck!


How To Play

Hold down and drag the left mouse button to adjust the kicking angle, then release the mouse to perform accurate kicks into the opponent's goal. Beat the goalkeeper with beautiful kicks.

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