Hockey Shootout

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Hockey Shootout

Hockey Shootout is an exciting hockey sports game in which players will have the opportunity to experience this winter sport right on their screen.

In this game, you will represent your team and participate in a hockey match using free kicks. On the field, there are only you and the goalkeeper of the opposing team. You will play 1 vs. 1 with the goalkeeper. Your goal is to use the stick in your hand to accurately hit the ball into your opponent's goal, defeating the goalkeeper. You will perform 15 shots, one at a time. With each successful shot, you will score a certain number of points. The more you put the ball into the net, the higher your score will be. Let's play the game and prove yourself as a professional hockey player! I Hope you have fun!

How To Play

Press, hold, and drag the left mouse button to hit the ball into the goal.

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