Homer City 3D

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Homer City 3D

If you are looking for a fun and addictive game, no further than Homer City 3D. It is a new trending game for players of all ages and skill levels, offering hours of entertainment and excitement. In Homer City 3D, you play as a baseball player who is trying to hit the ball into the windows of city buildings. You will need to time your swings carefully and aim for the perfect angle and battle with other hitters to see who can destroy the most glass building windows.

Homer City 3D is very popular with young people in many countries around the world, not only because of its attractive gameplay but also because of its beautiful graphics and realistic sound effects, which create the feeling that players are actually on the baseball field. This game can be easily played on both computers and mobile devices, so you can play Homer City 3D anywhere and at any time. Try it out now to see how many home runs you can get and challenge your friends to beat your score!


How To Play

  • Aim for the perfect angle.
  • Use your mouse and click to hit the ball.

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