Hyper Hockey

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Hyper Hockey

As a hockey-themed sports game, Hyper Hockey pits you against other players in matches that you try to win. There will be three different game modes. The game will offer three distinct options for gameplay. Players will have the option to select from four different modes to engage in competitive matches. These modes include a game mode using artificial intelligence, a two-player mode, and a challenge mode. The primary objective in the various modes is to successfully score a goal in the opposing team's net and emerge victorious. Utilize your proficiency in hockey to accrue points and secure victory against your adversary. We encourage immediate participation in this exhilarating sporting event without any hesitation. Please remember to disseminate this captivating game among your acquaintances. I trust that you will derive enjoyment from the experience.

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How To Play

Player 1: To navigate, just use the WASD keys.

Player 2: To move around, use the arrow keys