Penalty Fever Plus

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Penalty Fever Plus

Penalty Fever Plus is one of the best soccer games ever in the form of players taking turns taking the most intense and exciting penalty shootouts.

In this game you will try your best to help your football team win the championship in one of 10 tournaments with more than 300 real teams. You will take penalty kicks, but you will also take on the role of goalkeeper. Timing and quick reflexes are crucial in both situations of this game. Forcing players to be proficient and perform well in both roles as striker and excellent goalkeeper. Prove that you are a talented player, no matter what role you play, you will do very well.

When you take a penalty kick, click once to start moving towards the ball and click a second time to determine the strength and direction of the shot. Be careful how long you hold your finger on the mouse, just press and release immediately.

As the goalkeeper, move the cursor to where you want your goalkeeper to dive and click once. You will see a RED marker just before your opponent shoots, showing the direction of the shot.

Remember that timing and quick reflexes are important in both of these situations. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse in combination with the arrow keys on the keyboard to participate in the game.

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