Pill Soccer

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Pill Soccer

Pill Soccer is a fun soccer game for two players in which thousands will take on the role of pills and participate in major soccer tournaments.

The game will have two player modes: one player and two players. You can choose one of two modes to participate in the competition. Regardless of which mode you choose, your goal is to score as many goals as possible in your opponent's net before time runs out. Each match will last 90 seconds. After the time ends, whoever scores more goals will win. Beat your opponents with your top soccer skills and prove to us that you are a potential soccer player. Don't hesitate to join the game and prove your abilities through each match. Good luck

How To Play

Player 1:
Use W, A, D keys to move.
Press the S key to kick the ball.
Press Z key to special move

Player 2:
P-arrow key to jump
Left-arrow key to move left
Right arrow key to move right
Down arrow key to kick
K for a special move

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