Pong Football

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Pong Football

Pong Football is an extremely unique football game with the perfect combination of arcade pong and football games, loved by many people.

This exciting soccer game promises to give you the feeling of participating in a real soccer match. Don't hesitate to go to the football field and play your best through each intense football match. Instead of controlling players on the field to compete like in other regular soccer games, in this game, you only need to control a paddle in front of the goal. Your goal is to control the paddle to impact the ball rolling on the field and score a goal into the opponent's goal before time runs out. Try to score as many points as possible to advance in the game and have the opportunity to compete with the strongest players in the world. Good luck!


How To Play

Use the left and right arrow keys to control the paddle to move left and right to catch the ball and put it into the opponent's goal.

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