Soccer Skills Runner

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Soccer Skills Runner

Get ready to play as a professional soccer player, dribbling along the grass track and beating other opponents in Soccer Skills Runner.

If you really like football, this game is a great pick. You will be a skilled soccer player in this game. You will have to dribble past people who are in your way and make beautiful shots that go into the goal. You will dribble the ball around the field and pick up coins that are spread out. Try to get as far as you can while avoiding people and things that are in your way. Beautiful and accurate running skills will help you beat other players. Your character's speed rises as you move through the game, so keep your eyes on the prize and act quickly when something unexpected happens. Have fun!

How To Play

Use the left and right arrow keys to control the player to turn left and right.

Press the up arrow key to jump

Press the down arrow key to slide on the grass.

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