Apex Football Battle

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Apex Football Battle

Apex Football Battle is the most realistic and engaging football game ever, bringing you authentic football experiences through each tournament.

Dive into the world of friendly matches, tournaments, and career modes and experience the thrill of beautiful gameplay like never before. In which you and your team will participate in extremely fierce matches. Stand side by side with your team on the field, coordinate the moves, and score goals for team members. The game recreates a realistic football match. Your goal in this game is to control the players on the football team to win the ball from the opponent's side, bring the ball back to the opponent's court, and then score a goal for the team. Try to score as many goals into your opponent's net as possible before time runs out. In addition to attacking, you also need to defend your goal to avoid surprise attacks from your opponents. Come up with a game plan to defeat your opponents and win a glorious victory for your team. Good luck.

How To Play

  • You can use the arrow keys or WASD keys to control the players moving on the field.
  • Press the spacebar to shoot the ball into the opponent's net.
  • Press K to cross the ball.
  • Press N to pass.
  • Press M to pass through.
  • Press J to change players.
  • Press H to press

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