Stick Basketball

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Stick Basketball

Stick Basketball is a fun basketball game with fun 2D stick characters, pretty graphics, and surprisingly simple and fun gameplay mechanics.

Immerse yourself in this fun basketball game and transform into an agile stick figure and dribble, shoot, and jump through intense basketball matches. Enhance your skills with the unique ability to teleport to the position of the ball to score beautiful and convincing goals. Your main goal will be to get the ball into the basket with a series of beautiful movements and jumps. You need to protect your basket, steal the ball, and stun your opponents with fancy tricks and moves. Win each match by scoring the most baskets. Join the game and defeat all opponents on the field. Good luck!


How To Play

Use the following keys to control the stickman character in the game:

  • Press the arrow keys to move.
  • Press a key to dodge or steal.
  • Press the S key to Shoot or Block.
  • Press the D key to Dunk
  • Press F to pass.

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