Super Boxing Fight Night

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Super Boxing Fight Night

It's time to grab your boxing gloves and get ready to face your opponents in the boxing ring in Super Boxing Fight Night. 

Get ready to take your place in the boxing ring, defeating your opponents with fierce shots. The crowd is cheering, and your coach is watching you. Don't let them down; use the boxing skills you've learned and defeat your opponents with convincing shots. Make the crowd cheer and get excited. Each round will last 3 minutes. Every time you hit your opponent, he will lose some health. After combo attacks, a special attack icon will appear. Tap it before it disappears to deliver a powerful punch. You can completely block your opponent's attacks and then choose the right opportunity to launch dangerous and surprising punches that will make your opponent unable to react. When you win all the rounds, you will become the champion. Good luck!


How To Play

Use the A and D keys to launch left and right hand blows.

Press the W key to defend.

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