The Dominator Cup

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The Dominator Cup

The Dominator Cup is a brand new sports game dedicated to those who love baseball. Take on the role of baseball players and try to win as much as possible.

It's time for you to take your cricket imagination and excitement to a whole different level, right in the game itself. Try your hand at the cricket sports game, play as professional baseball players, and compete on the field with all your skills and talents. To do this, we invite you to bring your baseball gloves, helmet, and all your equipment to be accepted by the World Baseball Federation. Enter the competition confidently, with the goal of trying to hit the baseball exactly where you want it to go without the person in front of you catching it. Send the ball as far as possible, and don't let other players catch the ball you hit. Try to win the championship trophy and defeat all the opponents in your group. Good luck!

How To Play

To participate in the game, carefully read the detailed instructions and controls that appear on the game screen before starting it.

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