Toe to Toe

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Toe to Toe

Toe to Toe is an intense fighting sports boxing game that allows you to participate in competitions between professional boxers, trying to claim victory.

This is a thrilling classic boxing game that takes players directly into thrilling competitions. Put on your gloves and some protective gear, and get ready for some rough competition. Try to use the skills of a professional boxer to knock out your opponent and win yourself a glorious victory. During competition, pay attention to the energy bar in the top left corner of the screen to plan your decisive attacks. With how many hits will you defeat your opponent? Participate and prove your strength in this dramatic boxing game. Good luck.

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How To Play

Use the following keys to control the character in the game:

  • Press the Q key to block
  • Press the H key to JAB.
  • Press the S key to duck
  • Press A to hook