Yetisports: Pengu Throw

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Yetisports: Pengu Throw

Welcome to the exciting and humorous winter sports game Yetisports: Pengu Throw, in which you hit falling penguins with a stick at just the right moment.

Penguins all wish they could fly, but even though they are birds, they really can't do it. So in this game you will help the penguins realize their dream of flying to the sky. You will use sticks and make the penguins fly as high as possible! The birds will take turns crawling through holes in the ice and jumping high. You will have to find the right time and then swing the stick to hit the birds to make them fly as far as possible. With each successful landing, you will know how far the distance you just hit will be so you can make better next shots. A fun and suitable game for this winter. Join now and don't miss it! Have fun!

How To Play

Use the mouse to participate in the game.

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