Baseball Classic

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Baseball Classic

Baseball Classic is an attractive baseball sports game that gives players a thrill through each match. Enter the arena and become a winner now.

To start the game, play as a professional baseball player. Put on your protective gear, hold your bat firmly in your hand, and get ready to start the game in the center of the field. After the starting signal, your opponent will throw the balls at you. And your goal is to take advantage of the opportunity and swing the club at the right time to hit the ball as far as possible. Don't let your opponents shoot the balls you hit. The farther the ball flies, the higher your score will be. You will only have three clubs per turn. If you miss three times, the game will end, and you will be the loser. Be careful with your shots. Prove you are an expert in this sport. Good luck!

How To Play

Choose the right time to left click and swing the stick to hit the ball accurately. With each successful shot you will score a number of points corresponding to the distance the ball flies out onto the field.

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