Military Shooter Training

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Military Shooter Training

Military Shooter Training is an exciting first-person shooting game that makes you unable to sit still. Line up the sights, aim accurately, and pull the trigger!

The game will be a way to help you practice your sniper shooting skills and aim accurately at the target. Take your sniper gun and aim at the bullseye to earn as many points as possible and complete every level with three stars. Earn enough money to buy cool equipment to become a professional sniper. Complete 600 levels of this 3D target shooting game and become the most professional sniper. To be able to hit the center of the target requires the player to have the most accurate hand-eye coordination. You need to consider the wind speed and try to keep your hand as steady as possible while looking through the scope. If you have impressive virtual shooting skills, you'll earn a ton of stars and coins that you can exchange for additional rifles and some other really cool gear. Join the game and become a professional sniper now.

How To Play

Hold down and drag the left mouse button to move and aim through the viewfinder. After determining the center of the target to shoot at, left-click to shoot at the target to complete each level.

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