Puppet Football Fighters

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Puppet Football Fighters

Get ready to immerse yourself in the humorous world of football with Puppet Football Fighters. Where players directly participate in competitive matches.

Step onto the soccer field and face off against other players in a fiery match that you're sure to never have played before. You will participate in extremely intense soccer matches with your opponents. You will compete in an extremely intense one-on-one format. Your goal is to score as many goals as possible into your opponent's net before time runs out. A special feature of the game is that you have the added help of using bombs to keep your opponent distracted. Defeat your opponents by hitting them with the ball and scoring goals. Get ready to become the best soccer player today. Have fun!

How To Play

Use the left and right arrow keys to move up and down.

Press the up arrow key to jump.

Press the down arrow key to kick the ball.

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