TapTap Shots

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TapTap Shots

It's time to prove your basketball skills and inspire young players in the game TapTap Shots. Show everyone that no one is better at basketball than you.

Enter the basketball court with the resounding cheers of everyone around you and prove you are an excellent basketball player. Try to get your ball into the net as quickly as possible before time runs out. On the top of the screen, you can see the time limit. You need to make sure you score before time runs out. If you cannot score a basket, the game will end at that moment. But if you score a basket, the clock resets and starts all over again. You will shoot the ball into the basket in many different positions on the field. Each successful throw to the basket will appear in a different location. This will increase the difficulty of the game and challenge your basketball skills. React quickly and try to get the highest score possible. Good luck!


How To Play

You just need to repeatedly click the mouse (on a computer) or touch the screen (on a phone) to control the ball falling into the basket.

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