Z Stick Duel Fighting

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Z Stick Duel Fighting

It's time to test your wide range of skills and courage as a stickman warrior and engage in tough battles in Z Stick Duel Fighting.

Are you ready to prove your mettle and win this epic dueling competition? Play as a brave stickman warrior and prepare to face skilled opponents from every corner of the universe. The fast-paced game allows you to control a stick figure with a variety of weapons and skills. Enter the stickman warrior and show off the strong mettle of a martial artist. Defeat other stick figures and prove you are the strongest boxing fighter. Good luck!


How To Play

  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Press the J key to defend.
  • Press the L key to attack.
  • Press the U, Y, and K keys to perform attack movements such as punches, kicks, and other movements.

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