Big Shot Boxing

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Big Shot Boxing

It's time to prove your strength in the ring in the game Big Shot Boxing, where players fight hard through fierce levels of strength in the stands.

Step into the ring as a boxer and begin a career journey like no other. Get ready to compete and experience the thrill of boxing. Start by choosing a fighter, hiring a trainer, and learning some moves. Hit your opponent with a jab, cross, or uppercut, and make sure you stay alert. Take your chances and throw beautiful punches to stun your opponents. Win by scoring the most points and eliminating your opponents. Get ready for heart-pounding moments. There are many opponents with different fighting styles and strengths. So be careful, and don't underestimate your opponents. Now put on your gloves, step into the ring, and let the action begin! Good luck!


How To Play

Follow the instructions on the screen to control the boxers participating in the competition in the stands. Fight strongly, and do not yield to strong opponents.

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